The perfect birthday gift...

The new Apple iPad. Just released today. Sigh...

Whether or not I actually ever own one is up in the air, but I do believe this technology is so cool, and is revolutionizing the way we watch movies, read books and magazines, etc.

Only $499? They're practically giving them away!

Watch the video. It explains it all.



Jake's birthday

Jacob Boyd celebrated his 23rd birthday last Thursday. We ventured out into Dallas and had a pleasant, rainy day. AND we found a new favorite restaurant:

It is (most obviously) called Kathleen's Sky Diner and it is located at 4424 East Lovers Lane. If you go in search of this place, do NOT go to 4424 WEST Lovers Lane, because you will be disappointed to find nothing but a vacant building. This mistake we made, so you do not have to. I say this as if Kathleen's isn't well known already; according to their website, Kathleen's opened in 1988, and in every way this place shows itself to be a happily known staple near the Inwood theater. The food was superb: I orderd the fish tacos and Jacob had the grilled meatloaf sandwich. Both were excellent. And for dessert, we ordered the peppermint chocolate cake, and they even put a little candle in the ice cream for Jacob's birthday:

The rest of the day we putzed around town. Bookstores, the mall, a comedy club. And for the grand finale...

We went to the Mavs game on Friday night (with a couple of our friends). Thankfully, the home team won. And Jacob successfully made it another year!



I don't think I could put it better than this...

A friend recently posted a blog which responded quite well to the disaster in Haiti. He included links to several ways in which people are able to help. I think I'll let his response speak for me, as I often find words hard to come by in the event of large-scale disasters.
Click the photo above, or here.



Just showin' some love...


Recent Work

Apart from getting stuck in snowstorms, here is a bit of what we were up to in December:

This is a project that several of us at Lake Pointe Church collaborated on for our Christmas Eve services. It is the Christmas Story, as told by our pastors, Steve Stroope and Wes Hamilton.

I (Amanda) created all of the illustrations for the piece using Illustrator and my trusty Wacom tablet. Kevin Dooley animated our humor bit, which includes the animations of Steve Stroope and Wes Hamilton, using Toon Boom Animation. Jeff Arnold animated the Christmas Story using Abode After Effects. Wes Hartley created the audio mix using Apple Logic Studio. Danny Davis recorded voice over audio.


Here is the behind the scenes footage, which was shot by Kevin Dooley and edited by yours truly.