Finding time...

The Easter season at my workplace is an all-hands-on-deck-for-80-hour-work-weeks preparation period. For Easter we will have a huge setup, with a full band and orchestra, an intricately decorated stage, and lots of special song and sermon elements, which includes several graphical elements that I'm responsible for. To add to all the hustle, this weekend the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ is coming to speak at Lake Pointe. So, lots to focus on!

I have found that Jake and I have to be very intentional with what we do with our free time. He is usually loaded with schoolwork, and is working part time. So, we have to make sure we're having time to ourselves, and time to share with others.

And that's exactly what we did this weekend. Saturday night we got to hang out with a very cool couple, The Kimmels. Jake and Cody were very manly making burgers...

And on Sunday I had to take photos around the Rockwall/Rowlett/Garland area to incorporate into some Easter graphics elements, so Jacob accompanied me and we shared a beautiful afternoon outdoors.


Amanda's New Bike

So, we decided, after borrowing a friend's womens-sized mountain bike for a few days, that we should invest in a mountain bike for the lady of the house.

On Monday evening we hopped in the car and drove into Dallas to purchase a lady-bike. We arrived at REI, stepped inside and found the bike worthy of our purchase.

When the salesperson asked if I would like to take the bike out for a test-ride, I said yes, the conscious consumer that I am. Of course I want to test out the bike before I buy it, just like I would a car.

What I wasn't aware of was that in order to test-drive a bike at REI, you have to fill out paperwork and wear a helmet and a bright orange vest to ride around the parking lot in. And as I was signing my name to their liability form, I knew I couldn't back out of the test drive... I had already committed.

So, Jacob accompanied me to the parking lot, camera in hand, as I tested out my bike choice. Needless to say, the bike cruised smoothly and we bought it on the spot. And I even posed for Jake as he snapped my photo.


New hobby: Mountain Biking

So, Jacob and I have been mountain biking twice in the past week. Day 2 elicited these results:

Despite our several minor injuries, we have really enjoyed riding the trails that are only a few miles from our house. I think we've found our new warm-weather hobby.


Taxes Texas

We finished our taxes TONIGHT!
Also, Jacob made a 100 on his political science test today.
But he made a B- on his "fictional" portrayal of a man with Alzheimer's.
How dare that English teacher say it wasn't realistic!
Jacob is facial-hairless because of his job. They made him shave.
We both got haircuts last Saturday.
So, Jacob is very clean-cut, with his new haircut and shave.
Also, it rained a little today.