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Fan Your Flame for the Arts!

Amanda has her FIRST art show ever... well, high school art shows excluded. The pre-Chrysalis Ball art show, "Fan Your Flame for the Arts"!

It is on Thursday, October 9, from 6:00PM to 9:00PM in the Shaddock Estates; 4111 Georgian Trail in Frisco, TX. Hors d'oeuvres will be served alongside live music. I'm not exactly sure why, but the show is taking place in an enormous home. The home will be empty for our evening. There is a link below that will give you an idea of what the homes are like in the Shaddock Estates area in Frisco.


The Chrysalis Ball is an annual event and is Frisco's largest fundraiser, and a portion of the proceeds of art pieces sold at the "Fan Your Flame for the Arts" show go to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Colin County. There is a link attached below that gives more information about The Chrysalis Ball. Apparently, Leanne Rhimes will be performing.


Here are some of the pieces I will be showing (and hopefully selling):

Other featured artists:

Frankie Garcia III (www.fg3art.com), Zach Saucedo (www.saucedodesigns.com), Fran Reisner (www.franreisner.com), Lynda Rhodes (www.lyndarhodes.com), Carmen Menza (www.carmenmenza.com), Amanda Boyd (www.amandamichelleboyd.com), Jacque Forsher (www.jacqueforsher.com), Sharon Ventura (www.sharonventura.com), Greg Piazza (www.gallery7nine.com) and Treva Gilkey.


School & Work

We've made it over the one month hump. In marriage, that is. So from here it should be smooth sailing, eh?

Well, so far, we're doing well. Jacob's final year of undergraduate studies is in full swing and my new job is leading me into new areas of techno-knowledge that I am beginning to scratch the surface of. Jake is reading Jane Eyre by Bronte and I'm devouring audio books by the mile-load, listening to them as I travel across Dallas on my way to work.

The company Jacob works for part-time has moved him from the position of selling Bass Pro getaways to selling Carnival cruises at discounted fares. (If you, the reader, are heretofore unaware, my husband works at a vacation sales company as a means of income during his final year at college). Meanwhile, I silently watch as he is constantly devising plans to run away from the job. He rarely mentions quitting the position, but I can see the wheels cranking in his brain on the occasions that he arrives home after a particularly exasperating 5-hour stint of telemarketing, listing in his mind the various places in Denton that may have part-time positions available. But to this point, I have admired his resilience.

Thankfully, we will be moving in a matter of months, and more job opportunities will, perhaps, arise.

On a lighter note... our weekends are fun! Honestly, we probably wish we had more time to take a weekend away to visit you, family and friends. But since I work at a church now, my time is obviously going to be required at church services which fall, inevitably, on the average working man's weekend. We do enjoy the free time that we have together, which is typically spent playing tennis or watching movies.... going on mini-dates or working out (which has only happened once, but I'm hoping will happen again). We go to the library, we take walks. We cook sometimes.

All in all, it's going good. Hope everyone who reads this is well.




Here are some photos from the new job...
My little office... (the biggest office I've ever had... actually, the ONLY office I've ever had...)

Our huge auditorium/worship room...

...again, with the stage...

The stage set up for our new series...
It may honestly be the perfect job for me... I get to work with creative people all day long... and create things all day long. Plus I learn new technology language hourly... and then I forget it the next hour. Then I relearn it. We have coffee brewing all day long and the aroma wafts into my office IF I choose for it to... you may have noticed my office has a DOOR on it, which is so much nicer than the cubicle at my last job. Hey, and people like each other here... they literally enjoy their coworkers... who would have thought it possible!?



New Job!

Amanda is starting a new job on Monday at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX as a Content Creator!

Over the past two weeks we've been in contact back and forth with Lake Pointe which has involved one two hour interview, a visit to the Saturday evening service in Rockwall, several emails, a couple of phone calls, and some negotiating.

Today, an official offer came through that is hard to pass up, so we will begin a slow transition to Rockwall (Northeast Dallas-ish) and begin serving in the church.

Here's our new church: http://www.lakepointe.org/

The job will involve having a part in creating all of the content that goes up on the big screens in all of the services, including filming, video editing, creating graphics and animation, and helping with the weekend production.

We're hoping this leads to a large amount of involvement within this church and the potential for mission work both in the United States and overseas.