Thankfully, our new apartment has a fireplace. We've had an icy week in DFW.


Black & Decker Project Center and Vice!

Jacob got his birthday present in the mail yesterday and was SO excited he fainted and fell on it just like this! Not really, but this was his instant reaction...so I snapped a quick polaroid. Thanks Steve and Donna!


A post from Jacob

I love my wife.


Decorating a wall.

Jacob and I moved to Garland. So, we had to move all of our junk and then decide where it should go. I thought it would be fun to take photos of one of our walls as we were hanging shelves and decorating. This is what became of it:

Decorating a wall. from Amanda Michelle Boyd on Vimeo.

New blog.

Amanda has started a new blog dedicated solely to her art. Check it out: www.amandamichelleboyd.wordpress.com


Jacob's birthday!

Is today!


Keegan Tyler Durrett

Born yesterday at 5:32 p.m. Weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces! We are aunt and uncle.