Christmas Eve 2009

On December 24th, 2009, Texas was hit with a moderate to heavy snowstorm that delayed travelers seeking to make it home for the holidays.

We were two of those travelers.



This Year's Christmas Card

Part of the fun of the holidays is designing the Boyd family Christmas card.
Last year's card was a fun little experiment, as I had just begun working in Photoshop and experimenting with graphics. So, with another year under my belt, I have come up with this little ditty:

It is Jacob and I playing instruments and singing, which does not happen in real life. But for the purposes of our Christmas card, I found it quite charming.

This is a slightly modified replica of an illustration created by long-time Disney background artist Ralph Hulett. This guy was amazing. Here is the original artwork created by the man himself:

We hope everyone has a very merry holiday!



Had to pass this on...

I love Improv Everywhere. Their stunts always make me chuckle, and sometimes even warm my heart, as in this case:

and this one:

and just for kicks, this one is hilarious:




Before two weeks ago I had probably 2 framed photos in our apartment, tops. But we decided that we need more family photos around the place, to brighten up our home and remind us of friends and family.

So now we have a few framed photos, slowly making our way to several, and then on to many, in due time. We even got a little table at Canton last week to set some on! Now this is what you see when you step through our front door:

Here's to trinkets!



To bring Christmas cheer...

In case you haven't heard, our good friend Aaron Hale has released a Christmas EP entitled Hark!

Since December is here, and we are all surely listening to beau coups of merry holiday tunes while working or cooking or so on, I thought I might pass on the link to this FREE download...

{This awesome album art is created by Aaron's wife, Heather Hale (of Twine & Twig), quite a talented little lady}

Aaron's tunes are sublime, so give yourself an early Christmas gift and download the EP!




Ah, Christmas decor. Its funny how just a few strands of lights and some garland can really liven up a room.

Here are our Christmas stockings, hung by the chimney with care (they're ice skates!):

And our artificial Christmas tree, which is tiny, so we put it on stilts. Note the mixture of holidays, as we have stuffed pumpkins beneath the tree in lieu of gifts. We also have itty bitty stockings as our topper::::


Jam-Packed Holiday Season

It has been a trifle busy around these parts during this holiday season. Lots going on at work, lots going on at home. More info later...

But for now, here is a photo that I took this morning at First Mondays in Canton... Jacob and Jeff found some gnarly shades. We sure froze our booties off, but Jake and I scored some Christmas stockings and a new table... and a couple of Christmas gifts that we shall not describe in detail here.

We hope everyone is having a merry Christmas season!