Happy Birthday, Emily!

Happy (late) birthday to Emily (our beloved step-sis) who turned the big 16 yesterday! We love you!

[Trying to start a new trend of wishing happy birthday to people here...we'll see how this works]


Getting Away

So, the hubbs and I are going to get away alone together in a few weeks.
About 2 1/2 weeks to be exact, and I am already SO excited that I could scream!
It will be our first weekend getaway since our honeymoon. We've been married for 8 months & 12 days, and a weekend alone together will be simply splendid.

We are planning a short trip to the hill country of Texas... Fredericksburg area. We've been looking into bed & breakfasts in the area and think we may have found one that looks cozy (and cozy is certainly what we're going for).
It is called Angels Lodge Above the Creek. However, if anyone has had a great experience in the hill country area and would highly recommend somewhere else, we're up for suggestions.


Blockhead Dance Party

So, it was a laid back day at work... enough said.


Jacob on his bike...

He's still lovin' it... and I'm enjoying documenting his riding endeavors near the field behind our apartment.


Lake Pointe Easter 2009

In a previous post I mentioned how crazy Easter-time is around my workplace. Now that Easter has come and gone, I can show you what we have been a part in helping to create over the past few weeks.

This was our opening number... Matt Fuqua from the band The Afters on lead vocals, an arrangement of strings from across Texas, our house band and guest singers, motion graphics created by Wes Hartley, and a stage setup that our entire team had a hand in creating.

Viva La Vida/Lifted Me Out Medley from Amanda Michelle Boyd on Vimeo.


Staff Photos

The Media department at Lake Pointe recently took staff photos. They sprung the photo shoot on us randomly one day, and it just so happened to be the day when I wore my t-shirt that says "Team Jacob" to work for the first time. Jacob's step-sisters, Ashley and Emily, gave the shirt to me for Christmas as a funny gift. So, this is how I'm displayed on our staff website...extremely supportive of my husband. Here's a link to the photo: "Team Jacob" t-shirt

Later I found out that this "Team Jacob" shirt is a reference to the book/movie Twilight, which I have yet to read or see. So I look either super supportive of my husband, or like a teenage girl who is crazy about Twilight. Ah well.