Christmas 2008

Our tree! We used outdoor lights. Because they are large and colorful.


Lake Pointe

Here is a little video one of my coworkers, Jeff, made.
It is a tour of my workplace...
perhaps it will give you an idea of where
Jacob and myself spend a lot of our time.


Nanna's Christmas Gift

Every year, Jacob's family draws names to decide gifts for Christmas. Each person gives one other person a gift.

This year, Jacob drew his Nanna's name. As a means of providing a personalized gift, Jake and I decided to make Nanna's Christmas present, using an old photograph and some other items (which will be revealed AFTER the holiday, given the small chance that Nanna checks this blog with regularity).

The first step was to refurbish an old photo of she and Papa. In the old photo, they were too far apart, so I squished them together.

Yay! Close Nanna and Papa. Next, we will create the gift... to be continued...


Amanda animated

So, as part of my new position at Lake Pointe Church, it is my job to create various graphics for our weekend services. As a part of this, I have been learning to animate! I animated our December slate for 2008.. and here it is! It's my first animation ever! Hopefully many more will follow...

Christmas Animation from Amanda Michelle Boyd on Vimeo.