Lauren posted this photo of our Memorial Day bike ride and I love it! It captures the essence of our hardcore-ness. We look like a boy band!

Our boy band pose reminded me of this:


Memorial Day and the coming week(s) of Tennis...

Today was supposed to be a leisurely day of bike riding around White Rock Lake in Dallas. Turns out that the trail is a little under 10 miles long! Sheesh. But despite the sweat and heat, Jake and I had a great time with our friends Cody and Lauren (The Kimmels). We rode and picnicked out on a dock. We also took some pretty awesome pics, which are on Lauren's camera, which I don't have...

The French Open began today, and Jake and I are so excited! We always end up playing tennis a lot more often during the various tournament times throughout the year. It is a personal goal of ours to attend each of the big 4 tennis tournaments at least once in our lifetime. In fact, on our honeymoon we attended one day of the U.S. Open. Next, we'll try for the Australian Open, I think. Hopefully while Federer is still playing; we love him. In a few years, perhaps. I love this Nike ad featuring him:


Our Hill Country Vacaish

Well, we had our weekend away. And, boy, was it great.

It all began last Friday. We woke early in the morning and headed to Kerrville, TX for Virginia Shrader and Greg Tamplen's wedding rehearsal and dinner, which was quite an enjoyable time. The day of the wedding was disappointingly rainy, and the venue had to be changed from a beautiful outdoor amphitheater to Virginia's home church. Turned out to be a fine change, because the wedding was perfect. Jacob and I filmed this wedding, our first time working as business partners, and everything went quite smoothly on our end. It was fun getting the opportunity to work as a team. I put together a little video teaser of the pre and post wedding events:

Shrader-Tamplen Teaser from Amanda Michelle Boyd on Vimeo.

The day after the wedding we, with a few friends, moseyed on over to Fredericksburg, where we stayed in the beautiful Angels Lodge Above the Creek B&B. Ahhhhh (contented sigh). Our first day was spent with our friends Ann & Kris Harrison and their three beautiful kids, Hannah, Calla, and Elliot. We explored the shops in the downtown area before the Harrisons headed back to Dallas. Then, we enjoyed a quiet evening at the inn, seated in the outdoor common area with fellow Inn-goers, with nice conversation.

The next day we visited the lovely Silver Spoon Trailer, owned and operated by our friend Katherine Lott. We munched on a delicious lunch prepared by the aforementioned owner: tasty. So tasty, in fact, that we joined Katherine for dinner as well!

On our return trip, the following day, we stopped at Enchanted Rock and hiked to the top and around the area. It was a nice hike. We hope to go back some day to do some actual rock climbing. We also stopped in Hico, where Billy the Kid is either from or lived or died... I'm unsure, but his name is all over the place. Also, we ate at a little cafe in Llano called The Acme Cafe...we would recommend it to any Texas Hill Country traveler. Try to crab cakes.

We have photos of this stuff, but I seem to have misplaced our camera. It will turn up sometime, and I'll be sure to post some pics.

Oh! And I almost forgot! In the midst of all of this, Jacob GRADUATED COLLEGE! The graduation ceremony was the same day of Greg & Virginia's wedding, so he didn't walk the stage, but sure enough, he's done. We're just waiting on the actual diploma to arrive. Whew! No more homework or studying!



Jake and I practiced with using a lapel mic for an upcoming wedding shoot we are doing together (Greg & Virginia). So, we did a little audio practice. Sounds good.

Also, eat at Palio's in Rockwall!

Practice [Jake talks about his lunch] from Jamanda Boyd on Vimeo.


Forgotten Christmas Photos!

I found these this morning when I was rummaging through some old files on my computer.
They are from this past Christmas, and I thought I'd share them.



Husband is out of town this weekend. And the weather is terrible. And the Swine Flu is after us all!

On a lighter note, here is a drawing I did on Thursday to represent my view of the Swine Flu...

Also, happy engagement party/wedding shower to our [friend(s)/almost-cousin-in-law and cousin] Stephen & Callie, which is the reason why Jake is out of town, happily representing the Boyds, since I work weekends.

Well, at least I'll have work tonight & tomorrow morning to distract me from missing the husband.