This week Jacob and I arrived back from vacation. My pops and the two of us traveled to New Mexico for 4 nights, staying in Santa Fe for two nights and Taos for two nights. We ate so much good food (with a newfound obsession with green chiles) and I learned how to ski (Jacob was already a ski pro). And now I'm obsessed with the thought of the mountains and wishing I could ski every day.

We didn't take many photos, I was too focused on relaxing. But, we did go out and take a few photos in the winter storm that occurred in DFW yesterday. You would almost assume that these photos were taken in a typically wintry region of the United States, but you'd be wrong...they were taken in Dallas, Texas...

**you will notice that Jacob has a difficult time with being serious in a photo

These photos were taken by our friend and work associate Jeff Arnold of JA Film.