We finally got the opportunity to visit Autumn at the Arboretum this weekend. Although there was no red or orange in the trees, the pumpkins created a very autumn-esque feel. It was such fun, as was the entire weekend... great times with friends and some family.


Bosses Day '09

Here's a little ditty my co-worker and I put together for our boss. Thankfully, we have a supervisor that we enjoy and who has a good sense of humor.
Bosses Day is this Friday, go out and get your boss something nice. Unless you hate them.


the Cleanse update...

Let me tell you, I think Jacob and I have all the resolve of a sack of potatoes. No self discipline. NONE.

All it took was us going through 10 waking foodless hours, arriving home from our respective workplaces, and talking each other out of the Cleanse.

And that's when we ate. And it was delicious.

Master Cleanse tips for success:
– Only start the Master Cleanse if you have 10 consecutive days free without any social interaction. Because in America, most social interaction involves food of some sort.

– Prepare yourself mentally before starting the Master Cleanse. The night before we started, I had made an entire batch of homemade cookies from scratch. Bad move.

– If you are going to be on the Master Cleanse, you'll also need to be on the toilet... often. Make sure there is one nearby throughout your day. This becomes increasingly difficult if you work full time.

More Master Cleanse info here.



Oh no...

This can only mean ONE thing...
We're starting the Master Cleanse today.
(Or, at least, our own modified version of it... no salt water flushes, and for a shortened duration of time)

The last time we tried this we didn't do so hot (we are, after all, food lovers).

We'll see how we do this time around...

...more to follow...



Have a germ-free weekend!

Remember those flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz that were the Wicked Witch of the West's creepy goons?
Well, sometimes that's what I picture when I think of the Swine Flu, attacking all of us from the air...

So have a safe and germ-free weekend, folks... don't get swine flown!



Happy Birthday, again!

It's not "growing old"... it's "ripening"


Happy Birthday!