Rocky Green

Yesterday I heard news that my friend Rocky Green had passed away. He had been fighting brain cancer for several months. Though I knew the odds were stacked against his surviving the cancer, it was heartbreaking to hear that the battle had come to an end. Rocky was a great man. He was a surfer, son, musician, brother, believer, and husband.

I spent most of yesterday thinking about Rocky and his family. It was a somber day, filled with joy and sadness: joy, because Rocky is completely healed now with our Father in Heaven; sadness, because his death is a loss for those of us who enjoyed the pleasure of knowing him; it is a greater sadness, however, to know that there are those in this world who will never get the chance to. His life is worth celebrating, because Rocky was a man that touched lives. And in the few years that I knew him, and in the instances when I was able to be around him, Rocky touched mine.

Yesterday was a thought-provoking day. And I think Jacob knew that when I got home from work, I would be wanting to talk seriously and solemnly, with the potential for tears. So when I got home, he had made a beautiful supper and had dinner set for us outdoors...

We were able to have a romantic dinner with intriguing conversation about a dear man who I will miss. We celebrated Rocky Green's life last night.



Marry Me.

What a cute short. Directed by Michelle Lehman.


Blockhead Boyds: The Animated Short

I decided to play in After Effects and Soundtrack Pro, using my blockhead drawing as the subject. I like to imagine this animation as what happened the first time that Jacob and I met...

Blockhead Boyds from Amanda Michelle Boyd on Vimeo.


Blockhead Boyds

Jacob and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary on the 16th of this month, and in honor of it I drew us as blockheads, using these paper blockheads as my inspiration!
In real life, I'm not as squatty...and my eyes look less Asian. But Jacob looks strikingly similar to his blockhead!


Bishop Street

We now live about 15 minutes from Dallas. This is new to us, as Denton was about a 45 minute drive (on a good day) to downtown Dallas. We have definitely been taking advantage of our new territory and are finding fun and inexpensive ways to be entertained in Dallas.

About two weeks ago we found a cool area in Oak Cliff called the Bishop Arts District. There are several quaint and unique restaurants and shops in the area, and monthly the street is host to First Thursdays, in which the shops stay open late and live music and art shows provide a small melange of entertainment. We went this past Thursday for the first time. It was a low-key, enjoyable evening.

Also, we found one of our new favorite restaurants... Hattie's...