Our first home!

We're proud of our little apartment! Our first! Bellmere Apartments... #36.

Our living quarters... couch, windows, shelves. This is where most of our hang-out time takes place... and will continue to take place for the next year(ish).

Our kitchen is overloaded with gifts! We got so many great things... now all we have to do is figure out where to stick all of them in our little one-bedroom apartment.

These are our magnets. The one on the far left is from "An American Craftsman"... an art gallery/store located only in New York, Georgia, and Massachusetts.
Here's our owl clock... from "An American Craftsman".


Central Park.

Strand bookstore.

Serena Williams practicing at the U.S. Open qualifiers.

Central Park

The view of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry.

The view of Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry.

Getting ready for our first date as a married couple!

The New York Public Library.

Strawberry Fields... John Lennon's memorial.

Trains near the U.S. Open.

Wall Street.

Bowling Green... Battery Park.

Honeymoon Morning

Our first day of being married! We woke up at our bed and breakfast in Nacogdoches and were served heart-shaped waffles.


Boyds Take Manhattan

Initially, we didn't think we'd take a big honeymoon. Back in April, when we officially began developing official ideas for our official wedding, we decided we wanted a small wedding and a small honeymoon, if a honeymoon at all. We thought of San Antonio as an option, since we were married in East Texas... I believe we tossed around the idea of Austin as well.

Then, one fateful day (in the midst of our wedding planning), my father asked, "So, where do you want to go for your honeymoon?" And I said, "Eh, I dunno... maybe San Antonio". And then HE said, "San Antonio? You don't wanna go to Hawaii or anything like that? You've gotta go somewhere good..." and so on and so forth. The conversation progressed and my dad totally peer-pressured us into going on a "big" honeymoon.

He forced us into it... didn't you, Dad? Completely against our will... :-)

So, we are currently enjoying a week spent in New York City... staying in Midtown Manhattan... near the theatre district (if you're familiar with the area). We're on day 2 of our honeymoon adventure.

Pictures to soon follow.



It's official...

...we are wed.


Saturday Indoors

This weekend, we spent our entire Saturday indoors huddled down in a dimly-lit living room working on a new website for Amanda's art. It literally took around 6 hours to figure out how a website is created and posted, but we did it, and it is done!



A Handsome Pair

we were bored.


Peru Photos

Here are a few photos from our 3-week Peru trip this summer. These are a few, but there are many, many more.

Shae at Machu Picchu.

In Lima, Peru at a Mirador overlooking the city... and smog.

Classic Machu Picchu shot.

Jacob & his favorite llama.

At Lake Titicaca


Jacob in front of a Peruvian antique store.