Rocky Green

Yesterday I heard news that my friend Rocky Green had passed away. He had been fighting brain cancer for several months. Though I knew the odds were stacked against his surviving the cancer, it was heartbreaking to hear that the battle had come to an end. Rocky was a great man. He was a surfer, son, musician, brother, believer, and husband.

I spent most of yesterday thinking about Rocky and his family. It was a somber day, filled with joy and sadness: joy, because Rocky is completely healed now with our Father in Heaven; sadness, because his death is a loss for those of us who enjoyed the pleasure of knowing him; it is a greater sadness, however, to know that there are those in this world who will never get the chance to. His life is worth celebrating, because Rocky was a man that touched lives. And in the few years that I knew him, and in the instances when I was able to be around him, Rocky touched mine.

Yesterday was a thought-provoking day. And I think Jacob knew that when I got home from work, I would be wanting to talk seriously and solemnly, with the potential for tears. So when I got home, he had made a beautiful supper and had dinner set for us outdoors...

We were able to have a romantic dinner with intriguing conversation about a dear man who I will miss. We celebrated Rocky Green's life last night.


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Marie Burton said...

Touching post. I was just hitting "next blog" several times till one came in English, and oddly enough yours comes up. That is only odd because I live in Rockwall too.